Consumer Choice Award has chosen Executive Suites by Roseman as the finest furnished suites in Winnipeg & Greater Region. The flagship brand from Roseman Corp., the company is a family-owned enterprise that has disrupted the traditional hospitality industry and made an indelible mark for itself.

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Among all the honors in the industry, the Consumer Choice Awards are unique since they are directly chosen by the people who buy the products and services. Once the votes are in, some of the leading market research outfits in North America tabulate them to decide the winners across categories and regions.

Executive Suites by Roseman is a family-owned business that’s now managed by the third generation. That has helped it defy the category codes. The business isn’t interested in traditional hotel-style properties. It looks for full-sized, fully furnished suites that come with all the amenities, have comfortable layouts, and are at the right location.

Unlike hotels that focus on short-term stays, Executive Suites by Roseman has a different goal. The objective is to ensure that each guest feels at home. The business achieves that by constantly listening to its guests and understanding their needs. These suites are your ‘Home Away from Home’ and deliver exceptional living experiences.

Executive Suites by Roseman is concerned about the whole living experience. That’s the reason the business offers full sized kitchens, a welcome basket, and luxurious bathrobe, and spa slippers to all its guests.
Those small touches are precisely what make Executive Suites by Roseman endearing to its guests. No wonder then, that people believe it to be the best in the category. Since 1972, when it comes to Executive Suites by Roseman in Winnipeg, this family-owned business has been in a league of its own. Their focus is value and comfort!