Best Winnipeg Spa Experiences for a Winter Day

As any visitor soon realizes after arriving in Winnipeg, there’s a reason why the city is often referred to as Winterpeg. However, you also see that the locals don’t let the chance of frostbite stop them from getting out there and enjoying the winter – you see them skating on the rivers and embracing all the activities that winter brings. Not your idea of fun? Don’t sweat it, there are plenty of places you can hide away from the cold, and in today’s blog we’re talking the best Winnipeg spa experiences that’ll keep you feeling warm and toasty.

Riverstone – The Spa at the Forks offers a signature head-to-toe massage that is simply divine. It starts with a full body exfoliation, after which your feet will be wrapped in hot towels and then your body, face, and scalp massaged with customized aromatherapy oils. The grand finale is a therapeutic back paraffin treatment. Not quite decadent enough for you? You can add in paraffin treatments for your hands and feet, or a face cleansing massage ritual to top it off. This treatment is also offered as a couples massage.

At Ten Spa you can indulge yourself with a Turkish Hamam style experience. You start with a warm shower before changing into a cotton robe and being served tea and turkish delight, and then are scrubbed and massaged in the hamam’s steamy rooms. Not your average spa experience, though Ten Spa offers all those as well if you prefer to go for a massage or facial.

Admittedly you’ll still face exposure to the elements when you visit Thermëa, Winnipeg’s Nordik spa, but only as you run between hot-tubs and pools, which is actually a pretty fantastic feeling. There are also saunas, a restaurant, and massage and treatment options to choose from, so you can make a day of it here.

If you want to relax and completely lose yourself for a while, go check yourself into one of the sensory depravation tanks at Float Calm, where your body will be suspended in salt water and your mind will clear (so long as you aren’t claustrophobic in any way).

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