With a nickname like Cowtown, you’d expect Calgary to serve up some fairly decent beef, and the restaurants in town do not disappoint. Searching out the best steak in Calgary is an excellent way to explore the city – for carnivores at least – and a great way to sample everything from very best restaurants to food trucks and beyond. Here are a few of our picks for the best steak in Calgary to inspire your culinary journey:

Mercato is an Italian eatery that locals adore, and they really do steak well. The Bistecca is a Fiorentina style rib-eye, cooked to perfection, and available as a double cut for those with a massive appetite. Like much of the menu at Mercato, the steak is served up ready to be shared, in slices, which makes for a great date night treat.

Vintage Chophouse offers several mouthwatering cuts of steak, including the Butcher’s Block Chef’s Cut for those looking for absolute meaty perfection, and a 32 ounce bone-in prime rib chop for the truly famished. After choosing your cut, you can add a favourite sauce, such as creamy Peppercorn, Blue Cheese, Classic Bearnaise, or throw on a few King Crab legs should you need to up the decadence level. Then there are the sides, which are legendary, and include the likes of Truffle Mac & Cheese and Lobster Mashed Potato.

Charcut Roast House is a fun restaurant where the meat is butchered in house, and a top chef finalist is in charge of the menus, which change nightly but include deliciousness such as Butcher Steak Chimichurri with Wild Arugula, or Prime Rib with Rosemary Jus. Everything else on their varied farm-to-table menu is superb too. You really can’t go wrong at Charcut, which is why you’re advised to make reservations a month in advance (it is so worth it).

Home Tasting Room is a fun place to head with a group of friends, or with a date, because they do lots of exciting tasting plates just perfect for sharing (the Korean Spiced Beef Tartare is especially excellent). They also really know how to prepare steak beautifully, such as the current dinner menu favourite, a 10oz Coffee Rubbed Alberta Striploin.

Modern Steak serves up some excellent cuts, including Albertan Wagyu, New York Strips, and some huge steaks to share (such as the 36oz Tomahawk Rib Eye, which is aged for a minimum of 35 days). And you want to order it blue? No problem, they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to cooking each steak to your idea of perfection. What’s extra fun about this restaurant is that they offer themed nights, such as Buck-a-Shuck oyster night on Thursdays, all you can eat prime rib on Sundays, and 1/2 priced wine on Wednesdays.

Caesar’s Steakhouse and Lounge hasn’t changed much since 1972, is a local institution, and is known for being a favourite amongst the city’s oil barons. They pride themselves on serving up the very best aged cuts of beef, and offering a classic and sophisticated steak dinner from start to finish. You probably wouldn’t want to go to Caesars with any vegetarian friends, as the whole menu is pretty much designed with carnivores in mind.

When you’re staying in one of our beautiful Calgary Suites, you’re close to the very best restaurants in town, and will have the perfect home base to return to once you’ve eaten your fill.