When you stay in one of our luxurious suites, we provide everything you need to make breakfast right there, but we know that sometimes it’s nice to get out and have a huge plate of food put in front of you instead. Luckily for you when staying in the ‘Peg, there are some awesome places to go that offer everything from your standard bacon and eggs to posher alternatives. Here’s our round-up of some of the best breakfast joints in Winnipeg:

Stella’s is where you go for a more upmarket breakfast, where your waffles come heart-shaped and topped with house-made jam and cream, and the French toast is made with brioche. There you’ll find meaty delights such as Chorizo Hash, Bacon and Egg Croissants, as well as veggie and vegan options. There are six Stella’s locations in Winnipeg, and this local chain is widely considered to serve THE best breakfast in Winnipeg.

Every Saturday and Sunday Chaise Café and Lounge offers up a three course brunch that’s available all day long and it is delicious. They start you off with bagels, cream cheese and fresh fruit, then you get some kind of savoury egg and meat concoction (whatever deliciousness they’ve dreamed up for the day) followed by a sweet dish to finish (crepes, cinnamon buns, French toast etc). You get all this for $20, inclusive of tea and coffee, and they give unlimited seconds so this is a sure fire hit for those of us that get really hungry in the morning.

SMITH Restaurant at the Inn at the Forks is seriously top notch and the menu is very creative. Take for example The Smith Eggs, which is two poached eggs with slow-roasted pork, grilled sourdough with maple-smoked cheddar, beefsteak tomato, caramelized onions and cream gravy – doesn’t that description make you want to go there right now? The Red Flannel Hash also sounds rather decadent, with house-made corn beef, beets, potato and onion topped with a poached egg. This should be your breakfast meeting spot.

Way less formal is Kawaii Crepe, a Japanese crepe restaurant with two Winnipeg locations. They serve up three dedicated breakfast crepes with various bacon/ egg/ veggie combos, but have a massive menu of other sweet and savoury crepes to choose from too. This is a fun and casual place to grab a quick breakfast.

At the Falafel Place you can pick up a Middle Eastern inspired breakfast complete with falafels (there’s a vegan option too), or go for various traditional bacon and egg combos, or add in delicious stuff like Montreal smoked meat and schnitzel. They have a huge menu here, prices are reasonable, and this definitely qualifies as a locals favourite breakfast joint.

Roseman’s Winnipeg suites are all close to downtown, making it easy to access these great breakfast joints and other attractions in Winnipeg.