Seeing as how you’re carrying a super computer in your pocket, you want to ensure that it is working as effectively as possible for you (and you’re using it for more than just social media and the odd game). For frequent travellers, having the right apps can make life a lot easier. We’ve rounded up six of the best travel apps you’ll want to download to your phone right now:

If you want to find the cheapest flight possible to wherever you’re going, Skyscanner is the app you need. Seriously, don’t book any flight without consulting Skyscanner first. More than 60 million people use Skyscanner, because it finds you the best selection of flights at the best prices, and is easy to navigate.

Got a dream trip in mind and in no desperate rush to actually book anything? Hopper lets you choose where and when you want to go, then monitors flights for you, sending you push notifications when it is the absolute cheapest time to book. It’s a cool idea, and the makers of the app advertise that they can save you up to 40% on your flight.

Make the most of any spare time you have by learning a language via your phone. Duolingo is a fantastic app that gives you fun and fast language lessons that turn learning into a game. Whether you want to  brush up on your French or learn something more exotic like Japanese or Romanian, Duolingo makes it fun to do so.

Need to translate on the go? Google Translate is amazing. Tell it which language you want, talk into it, and it translates right there for you, making conversations with non-English speakers much, much easier (and helping you find your way wherever you are and whatever you need to say). You can also hold the app up to text and it translates it using the camera – how cool is that?

Even those who travel all the time forget stuff occasionally, but Packpoint is a really smart app that creates packing lists based on the location you’re traveling to, the weather forecast, and the activities that you’ll be getting up to when you get there. You can add and remove things from the list, and share the list with others that you’re traveling with.

Whether you travel through multiple timezones, or need to plan meetings with people who do, Circa is a beautiful way to keep track of the time in various places. (There’s also an Apple Watch version of the app.)

Planning your next trip to Calgary or Winnipeg? We don’t have an app for that, but we do have amazingly comfortable and luxurious rooms that will be your perfect home away from home. Contact us to see how we can meet your needs in either city.