3 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Winnipeg This Summer

Winnipeg is a super fun city for families to visit. Throughout the summer months there is plenty going on to keep all ages occupied, and happy. Here are three reasons to book your summer trip with the kids to Winnipeg (and when you do, be sure to book your stay in one of our family […]

18 Essential Winnipeg Things to do in 2018

What better time to plan out an awesome year of fun new experiences than right now? Here’s our essential Winnipeg bucket list for 2018 to help you plan out your visits through the year, or a fantastic year at home if you’re lucky enough to live in the ‘Peg. 1) Go to grown-up summer camp. […]

Nine Awesome Things to do in September in Winnipeg

Fall is such a fun time to visit Winnipeg. It isn’t too hot, the city is pretty as the leaves change, and there are still plenty of fun festivals and events going on throughout the city. September in Winnipeg is especially fun, and here’s what you should do if you’re lucky enough to be visiting this month: […]

Searching out the best Aeroplan Alternatives

When Air Canada announced in May that they would be withdrawing from the Aeroplan program in 2020, like many Canadians, I was rather annoyed. Shares in its parent company Aimia crashed in response to the news. However, share prices recovered somewhat as Aimia promised to build on its program and still offer travel rewards – they just haven’t said […]

Six of the Absolute Best Travel Apps

Seeing as how you’re carrying a super computer in your pocket, you want to ensure that it is working as effectively as possible for you (and you’re using it for more than just social media and the odd game). For frequent travellers, having the right apps can make life a lot easier. We’ve rounded up six of the […]

15 Family Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Vacation the Best Ever

While of course we’re going to say that staying in one of our comfortable and luxurious suites is THE ultimate family travel hack (we do have full kitchens, washers and driers, and plenty of space for everyone), there are some really easy and cool ways to make all your family trips a smoother and more […]

Fun and Festive Winnipeg – 15 Ways to Enjoy Winnipeg Over the Holidays

Staying in Winnipeg over the holidays? Lucky you! This is a city that has plenty of fun stuff going on throughout December and over the New Year, and plenty of that happens outdoors because Winnipeggers don’t let sub-zero temperatures curb their enthusiasm for anything! Here’s a guide to 15 activities to enjoy in Winnipeg Over […]

7 Essential Winnipeg Experiences for First Time Visitors

Whatever you’re into, Winnipeg offers a lot to visitors. The city has a hipster-artsy side, a really fantastic food scene, and some world-class attractions. As with visiting any new-to-you city, it can be hard to know what you should see and do first in your time there. Well, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of […]

Unmissable Winnipeg Summer Festivals

If you’re visiting Winnipeg over the summer, then you’ll likely to encounter some kind of festival while you’re there. When the sun is shining in Winnipeg, it is such a beautiful place to be, and there’s always plenty going on in the many parks and of course in The Forks, which is always a happening spot […]

How to Score Cheap Flights to Anywhere

Frequent fliers are getting increasingly savvy at finding the best ways to score cheap flights, and in some cases this in part because they’ve worked out some of the games that certain airlines play in order to bump up fares. Here are some ways to find the cheapest flights that you can as efficiently as […]