If business travel is something that you’ve just started doing, or something that you’ve just always done without paying much attention to the process, you could be making some costly, annoying, and time consuming mistakes. Here are some of the most common business travel mistakes that people make, and how to avoid them.

Not keeping receipts. As obvious as this sounds, you can’t claim back expenses that you have no proof of, and if you don’t keep receipts somewhere safe, its all to easy to misplace them (or find out later that the receipt for that super expensive client lunch you paid for went in the washing machine with your pants and is now unreadable). Have a dedicated space in your wallet, carry an envelope or plastic folder in your workbag, or take a photo of those receipts with your phone if your work/ accountant lets you file them electronically. Being organized on the road will help minimize frustrations once you get home, and make sure you are reimbursed properly for everything.

Not advising your credit card company of your travel plans. Having your card declined is at best a little embarrassing, and at worst terribly inconvenient. If you’re using your card in another country, or sometimes just in another city, your provider may flag that as suspicious activity and put a block on your card. This is easily avoiding by calling your credit card company in advance of travel, or by filling out an online form (many credit card company websites have a page where you can give a travel advisory through your online banking with them).

Getting charged too much when you exchange currency. Although it might seem like a great idea to grab currency at an exchange counter when you’re at the airport or at a hotel, these days you often get a much better exchange rate from just drawing out currency an ATM or by using your credit card for purchases. A quick call to your bank or credit card company will verify this, and if they don’t offer good rates (and you travel lots), you might want to shop around for an account or card that does give better rates.

Taking too much stuff. Checking luggage these days is such a pain, and true pros just don’t do it. Who has time to waste waiting on baggage carousels, or wants to deal with the frustration of trying to track down lost luggage? Pack light and take only what you really need. Invest in a decent carry-on that can get everything you need safely to your destination. Check in advance what perks your hotel offers, and that may help you decide you can leave more stuff behind (Fairmont and Westin hotels both loan fitness gear and running shoes to guests, for example).

Wasting time in line-ups. If you travel frequently between Canada and the US, then applying for a NEXUS Card will be the best $50 you’ve ever spent. This card pre-clears you for security entering either country (you’ll have to fill out an in-depth profile and be interviewed by border agents of both countries) and means that next time there’s a ridiculous line-up to get into JFK or to come home to Vancouver or wherever, you can just sail right past everyone and use a cool retinal scanning machine to check you through instead.

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