As locals and regular visitors to Winnipeg know, the cold doesn’t keep anyone inside in this city. And, this year, there’s something really cool happening at The Forks this month that’ll really help you have fun in the extreme low temperatures – The Great Ice Show.

From now until the end of February you can enjoy a spectacular collection of ice-sculptures and attractions at this paid entry attraction ($25 per adult, $15 for youth and children’s tickets). The ice is sculpted by artists flown in from China, where shows like this are very popular. These artists do amazing work, both on a large and small scale. Attractions like this are very popular in China, where they can often be massive, and are growing in popularity around the world.

From life-size dinosaurs to sweet penguin sculptures, and works that you can interact with (such as a massive ice-slide that emerges from the mouth of a carved polar bear), there’s so much cool stuff to see. There’s even a replica of Manitoba’s legislative building carved from ice. There are more than a hundred sculptures in all to check out. It is a very impressive display.

Once inside the Great Ice Show there are a number of activities to enjoy, from ice carving workshops, various ice slides and toboggan rides, and there are also bumper cars on ice (doesn’t that sound awesome?).

There’s an ice bar (as in carved from the ice) where you can grab a perfectly chilled beer or cocktail, and a tent serving food and beverages too. Though, you are at The Forks, so finding somewhere to eat or drink when visiting the show really won’t be a problem.

The Great Ice Show is open Sunday through Thursday from 10am until 9pm, Friday and Saturday 10am until midnight. So, even if you’ve got a full day planned in Winnipeg you can sneak over here late to check out the sculptures and grab a cocktail at the ice bar.

If you do visit after dark, you’ll experience an almost surreal and ethereal garden of ice sculptures as the entire place is lit with coloured spotlights. There are also fireworks to enjoy, and an on-site DJ. This place is a winter wonderland, and well worth checking out if you’re in Winnipeg over the next month.

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