Exploring Calgary’s Excellent Food Truck Scene

It seems like no matter where you travel these days, food trucks have become an essential part of any city’s foodie scene, and Calgary is no exception. There are fantastic food trucks in the city, and if you download the handy Calgary Food Truck App onto your smartphone, it makes it really easy to track down the type of portable meal you’re looking for, and even chase your favourites down around the city in a kind of culinary scavenger hunt (and who knows what else you’ll discover on your travels).

Some of the food trucks are related to popular restaurants in the city, such as Steak Out which comes from the creators of ever popular Holy Grill which is famous for its stacked high burgers made with quality locally sourced ingredients. Getting steak frites in a box from Steak Out is a real treat, though eating steak with plastic cutlery is a bit of a challenge so you may find yourself going all caveman and just picking it up with your hands to chow down. On a similar note, the very popular Alley Burger comes to you from the owners of top Calgary steak house Charcut. Jelly Modern doughnuts (one of the best places in Calgary to service your sweet tooth) has a food truck to compliment its three downtown locations.

The majority of food trucks are completely independent though, which is a good thing as it means that there are culinary renegades out there doing completely new and unique things with food, much to the benefit of the hungry consumer. You wanna try a naan bread stuffed with butter chicken or beef vindaloo? Well the Naaco Truck has you covered. Hankering for an Asian influenced burrito? Then chase down Bento Burrito for a treat.

There are more than 40 food trucks in Calgary, and although they might not all be open at the same time, you should have no trouble finding enough choices whatever time of the day (or night in many cases) that you feel the need to stuff yourself with something delicious with actually needing to go sit down in a restaurant, or because you’d rather take the food back to your suite and kick-back and eat in your underwear watching something funny on the TV.

There are often food trucks parked close by to our stylish and fully-equipped Calgary Executive Suites so be sure to check one or two out when staying with us.