Five Ways to Make Your Next Business Trip Fun

When you’re always on the road, business travel can be a real grind. Spending time at airports is a real drag, especially when there are late/ delayed flights to deal with, and back to back meetings can leave many of us wanting to just hide out in our room during our limited downtime. In fact, a recent story in Fast Company magazine claimed that frequent business trips are slowly killing us because they cause weakened immune systems, expose us to high levels of radiation, carry an increased risk of obesity, and a higher risk of developing mental health issues. Scary stuff. However, you can of course mitigate those risks (the story had a few practical ideas), and by bringing some joy to the business travel experience stop dreading each and every trip. Here are five ways to help make your next business trip fun:

Go for a run (or a walk if that’s more your speed). Few people feel great after a day of traveling, and one way you can start your trip off better is by putting on a pair of running shoes and getting a little exercise before getting down to business. The fresh air will do you a power of good, and being able to actually explore where you are instead of only seeing the city from the inside of a cab will help you feel more settled, whether you’re staying there for a night or a week. Yes you could use the treadmill in the hotel, but getting outside will feel way better.

Sample the best something in that city. Give yourself something awesome to look forward to, relish, and remember about wherever it is you are headed. Try to read up in advance about the best breakfast joint, coffee shop, museum, gallery, hot-dog stand, or whatever it is that floats your boat before the trip, or at least ask the flight attendant for a suggestion while you are en route, and make it your mission to check it out. Life is all about the small pleasures, so be sure to indulge in something that makes you happy on each trip.

Make sure to meet up with friends or some other connection. Yes you’re there to work, but connecting with non-work friends or even someone you know through social media when you have an opportunity will make any business trip more fun. So, if you’re staying in the same city as your old college roommate, that ex-girlfriend you’re still friends with, that dude from LinkedIn who posts really interesting articles, or anyone else that lives in reasonable traveling distance, make an effort to see them. Even if you can only meet them for coffee at the airport, or a quick drink in a hotel bar, reach out and make that human connection.

Take in a little natural beauty. Studies have shown that reconnecting with nature lowers our stress levels and makes us happier, so if you’re staying somewhere that has a gorgeous park, a river to stroll along, or even a beach in reasonable distance, take the time to check it out. Bonus points if you catch a sunrise or sunset while you’re communing with the flora and fauna.

Add a day of vacation to your trip. Often the worst thing about business travel is the lack of downtime you get, and the fact you’re running from one destination to another. By adding an extra day to your trip and going skiing, or took a food tour of the city, or spent time at the spa, you can give yourself a mini-break before heading back to your office or on to the next set of meetings.

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