Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep When You’re Travelling

While some people can sleep anywhere, anytime, for others it just isn’t that easy. Whether it is due to strange noises, lumpy hotel pillows, or simply a bed that isn’t your own, sleep depravation is no fun whatsoever, and definitely not conducive to productive business meetings. There are however plenty of tricks you can try to increase your chances of getting a solid eight hours, here are a few to try next time you’re traveling:

Book the right room. If you’re a light sleeper, be sure to request a room far from the elevator and away from major traffic areas. If you get the opportunity to do this in advance, all the better, because it may be harder to accommodate your request should you turn up at 2am and the property is fully booked.

Embrace white noise. Whether you choose to invest in a state of the art white noise machine and schlep it with you everywhere (plenty of people do, once they find one that works for them), or buy an app like Sleep Pillow for your iPhone, white noise is an effective way of helping you sleep. It may seem strange that adding more noise is a solution, but it works by blocking out the external noises so that your brain stops focussing on them, letting you sleep. Use aromatherapy. Pick up a bottle of lavender oil at any drugstore or major supermarket and put a few drops on your pillow before you turn in for the night. Research has proven that lavender not only helps people drop off to sleep faster, but helps them have a better quality sleep too.

Shut off tech. If you’re one of the many people who keep your phone and computer by the bed, checking email until late into the night, you need to stop doing that. The combination of blue light and stress of replying to work email late at night will do you no favours at all. Power down an hour before you intend to sleep, and go have a nice hot bath or read an actual book for a while to relax before you climb between the sheets.

Turn the temperature down. A cool room is best for getting a good night’s slumber, so set that thermostat no higher than 65 fahrenheit or 18 celsius. Science tells us that warm rooms make for restless sleep.

Have a light snack. Some people swear by chamomile tea or warm milk before bed, but having a light snack helps to stop a rumbling belly from waking you up. Do not have a nightcap though – booze isn’t actually good at helping you have a good night’s sleep at all.

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Photo by Adam Grabek