Awesome Travel Accessories that will Make Your Life Easier

When you spend a lot of time on the road, in airports, in hotel rooms, and basically not anywhere near the comforts of home, having the right travel accessories to hand can make life a lot more pleasant. Here’s a round-up of some awesome travel accessories you can pick up in advance of your next trip:

The best bag for techies is the AMP Smart Bag, which comes fitted with a battery pack that can charge up to seven devices, from smartphones to laptops, as well as whatever other devices you carry around that can be charged using a USB cord. These bags are currently in production, but you can reserve one on their website, and be one of the first to sport one of these trendy looking and incredibly useful backpacks. (Prices go from $299 – $499 depending on how much juice you need to tote around with you.)

Every traveler needs noise-cancelling headphones and it is no surprise that Bose makes some of the best out there. Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones are the perfect answer to screaming babies, chatty Cathy’s, and that dude who starts spluttering and snoring the second you take off until the plane lands with a bump. This of these less as an entertainment device and more as a sanity saver.

You know how when you’re running to catch a plane and you’ve looped your jacket through your case handles but it JUST KEEPS FALLING OFF! Well, the Alfie Travel Jacket Gripper might end up being the best $25 you’ve ever spent. This loop of silicone backed nylon buckles around your jacket and keeps it attached to your purse, backpack or case.

Traveling swimmers or last-minute-before-you-fly beachgoers will really appreciate this self-sealing dry bag from Travelon. You can throw your wet gear into it and then not have to worry about the rest of your clothes getting funky in transit when you’re travelling home, or onto your next destination.

When you hate taking checked luggage but have to go on a longer trip, consider taking quick drying undies that you can wash in your hotel room and dry by the next morning. ExOfficio, Icebreaker, and Smartwool all carry undies that fit the bill (for men and women).

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