Taking Fun and Culture to the Streets at Winnipeg’s Fifth Annual Manyfest

From September 11th through 13th, Broadway will be closed to traffic and turned into an epic downtown Winnipeg street party – named Manyfest. This fun event offers a full program of events that will run all day and late into the night, and you’ll be able to take your kids for much of the daytime programming […]

The Winnipeg Film Scene is Amazing

When you think of Canadian cities with booming film industries, you’re probably thinking Vancouver, sometimes known as Hollywood North, or Toronto, home of the Toronto international Film Festival. Visitors to the city will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Winnipeg has a healthy film industry and is home to a myriad of wildly creative filmmakers […]

Seven Ways to Party at Folklorama in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is home to the longest running multicultural festival in the world, Folklorama. It has been going since 1970, and gets bigger and better every year. For two weeks (from August 3rd through 16th) visitors get to watch and engage in rich experiences from around the world in a series of pavilions set up around […]

Spending Christmas in Calgary? Here’s Where to Find Your Christmas Spirit

Love Christmas but staying in Calgary this month over the holidays? As lovely as our suites are, we don’t think you should just stay inside and watch Elf for the 27th time, we want you to get outside and enjoy some of the fabulous stuff going on over the holidays in Calgary. Here’s a round […]

Get Merry and Jolly with These 15 Ways to Enjoy Calgary Over the Holidays

Whether you’re working out in Calgary over the holidays or call the city home, there are many ways to be filled with the spirit of Christmas or celebrate in meaningful ways to you. Whether you’re looking for holiday shopping ideas, special entertainment, or traditional experiences, there is plenty to do in Calgary over the holidays. Here […]

11 things to do in Calgary this winter

With winter fast approaching in Calgary (yes, we have already had snow) our minds turn to ski, and apres-ski. But, this isn’t the only winter fun to be had when you head to Calgary. There is so much going on throughout the winter months that a winter vacation in Calgary is a grand idea. Here’s a […]

Five Perfect Calgary Fall Activities That Visitors Will Love

Calgary is a beautiful city year round, and whenever you visit you’re going to find plenty of ways to explore the city, and devastatingly gorgeous surrounding mountains and parks. Here are five perfect Calgary fall activities that you can enjoy before the weather turns: Walk amongst the fall foliage. Whether you want to take a long […]

Exploring Parks and Green Spaces in Calgary

When it gets hot and sticky in the city, there are few things sweeter than finding a patch of grass under a shady tree and hiding from the world for a while. Calgary has some truly beautiful parks and green spaces where you can go and chill, or head for a run or outdoor yoga […]

Culture, Fun, and Rodeo at Summer Festivals in Calgary

Whatever time of year you visit Calgary, there’s always plenty to do, but if you’re heading there in June, July, or August then it is highly likely that you’ll have even more opportunities for fun: There are 40 summer festivals in Calgary this year. Yes of course there’s the Calgary Stampede, which is definitely a bucket-list […]

20 Reasons to Spend Summer in Calgary

Calgary is an awesome city. Okay, we are based there so we may be a teeny-tiny bit biased, but there’s so much to do in Calgary year round that it is always a great time to be there. However, Summer in Calgary holds a special allure, and we wanted to give you 20 reasons to […]