Winnipeg is home to the longest running multicultural festival in the world, Folklorama. It has been going since 1970, and gets bigger and better every year. For two weeks (from August 3rd through 16th) visitors get to watch and engage in rich experiences from around the world in a series of pavilions set up around the city. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find something at this wonderful festival to float your boat. Here are seven suggestions for having a whale of a time at Folklorama:

  1.  Stuff your face at the Africa/ Caribbean Pavilion. Curried goat and roti washed down with a refreshing can of Red Strip? Yes please! There’s amazing foodie experiences to be had at this pavilion, and while you’re enjoying patties, jerk chicken, and other spicy yumminess you can watch a Jamaican fire-eater and limbo dancer shaking it to a live band. Sweet!
  2. Party like a Brazilian. Over at the Brazilian Pavilion is where you’ll catch beautiful women in heels, sequins and feathers shaking what they’ve got into the wee hours of the night. You’ll also find capoiera displays and various other cultural curiosities.
  3. Take in some Irish culture. Love Guinness, whisky, and teeny little dancers skipping across the stage and melting your heart? Then the Irish Pavilion is for you. Yes you can grab and Irish Stew and some booze from the Emerald Isle, but there’s plenty of cultural stuff to explore too (like knitting and knotwork, for example).
  4. Fall in love with Tango. At the Argentinean Tango Pavillion you can sit down to dinner and be seduced by Latin beats, and incredible dance performances as you chow down on empanadas and flan. Yum.
  5. Indulge yourself with beer, frites, and chocolate. Oh Belgium, you make all the best things and make them so well! Head to the Belgian Pavilion to enjoy beer stew with frites, washed down with beer, and followed by waffles and chocolates. Delicious.
  6. Feel the Cuban Beat. Another pavilion offering late night parties (served with mojitos and Cuba Libres) is the Cuba Va! Pavilion, which conversely offers kids activities and a kids show. It’s a tropical vacation, but in Winnipeg. Awesome!
  7. Immerse yourself in India. Whether you go to watch the beautiful dance performances, get yourself henna painted, or to try some fantastic Indian food, this pavilion is always a lot of fun. Also great photo ops here as you could try on a sari or turban and really kick your selfie game up a notch.

BTW, if you’re in the city then you can dip into any one of the 41 pavilions for just $6, but there are various kinds of passes that you can buy which offer an upgraded experience or open access for one night or more, check their website for details.

Many pavilions are within a short drive of Roseman’s Queen Street Executive Suites, click here to find out more.