Whether you’ve stayed in one of our executive suites or just browsed the pictures on our website, you’ll no doubt have noticed that Executive Suites by Roseman are a cut above when it comes to design and finishes. This is because Roseman engages a real designer who has worked on some of the most beautiful homes in Calgary, Brenda Rozdeba, rather than treating the suites as one would a hotel type property.

Rozdeba is a much sought after Calgary designer who specializes in high-end homes. “I tend to work with home owners and builders to design their whole house, from paint colours to kitchen layout and everything else,” she explains, “but working on these suites for Roseman is fun work as they refer completely to my judgment and there’s no back and forth like there’d be with other clients,” she says.

Entering each suite, Rozdeba is given a blank slate to work with. Because the suites have to appeal to a wide range of people, Rozdeba generally sticks to neutral décor for larger pieces such as sofas, and works with cooler or warmer tones depending on the colours in flooring and cabinetry. “Then I’ll add in colour with cushions and bedding,” she says. As for choosing colours, Rozdeba says there’s “a method to my madness. I pick a colour in my head, and that might have been inspired by a piece of art, or a chair, or a pillow, then I source pieces for the suite based on that colour.”

Another thing you should know about Roseman is that they don’t offer cookie cutter suites. “Every single one that I do, they’re all different. I walk in and think, would I want to live here? Would I want to hang out in this space? And yep, I would,” says Rozdeba, “And I feel really good about the spaces I create for Roseman. It helps that everyone I encounter and work with at Roseman is awesome, and it is such a pleasure to work with them. This is fun work for me.”


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