When your typical working life sees you in different cities every month and spending more time in airports than you do in your own bed, all the pleasure can get sucked out of traveling and even the parts of it that you used to love become a chore.  There are ways to make traveling more pleasant though, and investing in a few of these tools can really help.

At the Airport

Considering how delayed flights and long layovers are becoming standard these days, you want to secure lounge access for yourself so that you can escape from the hoi polloi and relax with a good Scotch when your flights get screwed up. Don’t have enough points to qualify for free lounge access? Check out credit cards that offer lounge access as a perk that you pay extra to have – such as TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa or American Express Gold Card. You can also just walk up and pay for lounge access at some airports, or book lounge access online before you fly with some airlines too.

On the Plane

Noise canceling headphones are a life-saver when flying, cutting out that screaming toddler two rows back or the Chatty Cathy across the aisle who wants everyone to know everything about her life. Ditching the ear-buds you got free with your phone and upgrading to a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones will help you get some sleep in the air, and lower your stress levels when you’re awake.

Take some decent snacks so you’re not stuck eating Pringles and candy the whole flight. Throw a couple of quality protein bars, some nuts and other healthful snacks will help stop you noshing on the bad stuff, and let you save the calories for when you’re somewhere worth actually eating anything. Being a fit road warrior is much better than being a flabby one.

Working in Hotels

Because working at a hotel desk with your laptop can be a blah experience, you might want to upgrade the tools you take with you in order to make life easier. Invest in a wireless mouse to ease the track-pad blues, and a portable Bluetooth keyboard if typing on your laptop bugs you (there are lots on the market, from the cheaper roll out pads to solar powered keyboards to ones that fold up). Whatever your pain point is about working on the road, you can bet someone is selling the solution (and ones you find it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.