When you’re always on the road, investing in some cool travel accessories is a worthy thing to spend money on. So, stop lugging that cumbersome old luggage around and struggling to find those chargers that you stuffed somewhere in your backpack. Get organized! Here are some fun and functional accessories you should check out for making 2015 your most professional travel year yet:

The ultimate organized carry-on. ZÜCA bags have a built in seat and packing pouches that act like drawers (making packing, unpacking, and packing it all again to head somewhere else) a breeze. Their range of attractively designed bags runs from around $300 and up, but considering how much time it will save you in hotel room, that’s not bad.

Keep your clean and dirty undies away from each other. Spacepak is a bag system designed to make packing easier, and to enable you to fit more stuff into your carry-on. All their offerings are pretty nifty, but I’m especially keen on the underwear bag that keeps your clean and dirty stuff separate.

Carry fewer cables. There are lots of nifty gadgets on the market that will stop you needing to carry multiple charging cables with you on trips. This 3 in 1 version is pretty cool, or this one that looks like a Swiss Army Knife. Cables have to be one of the most annoying this to pack, and it is especially annoying to find out that you forgot to pack the one you need, so why not get a multi-charger and just leave it in your bag?

Be all powerful. One of my absolute pet hates is when you’re stuck at an airport with dead devices and there’s not an outlet in sight, or they have those dumb charging stations set up where everyone herds around waiting their turn. Investing in a decent back-up battery just makes life easier, and there are lots of good ones n the market. (This one is especially good.)

Keep your accessories together. Stop those important small bits of tech from becoming detritus at the bottom of your bag by organizing everything in one of these a handy elasticized Grid-it storage systems.