This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup is the biggest ever women’s soccer event, and certainly the largest ever hosted in Canada. Winnipeg was chosen to be one of six cities to host some of the 52 finals matches, and if you’re lucky enough to be in town between June 6th and July 5th 2015, you should check out the availability of tickets for this major sporting event. You’ll know if you watched any of the women’s soccer at the Olympics that matches are a true adrenaline rush, and equally as exciting as watching the men play.

Some tickets are going to be harder to score than others (Team USA games are selling out fast, for example) and although Visa card holders are already able to secure tickets, they don’t go on sale to the public until February 26th. The countries that are playing in Winnipeg are USA, Sweden, Nigeria, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Germany, China, and Ecuador. Having an event like this in Winnipeg is going to exciting outside of the stadium too – you can be sure that local bars and restaurants will run tie-ins and proudly show the matches on big screen TVs for those unable to get tickets. World Cup fever is Winnipeg is bound to bring a lot of fun with it.

You don’t have to actually wait until the World Cup starts to get a taste of the action, as there’s a interactive teaser event happening at Winnipeg’s Polo Park from May 8th through 10th. The FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola is bringing the World cup trophy to the city, along with a bunch of interactive exhibits that soccer fans will get a real kick out of (sorry for the pun, it was irresistible). You can test your skills against a robotic goalie, play fooseball, and even learn a few tricks from soccer pros. Tickets are free, but you need them to attend the event (click here for more info).

Executive Suites by Roseman’s Winnipeg suites are close to the stadium and we have suites located in Polo Park, should you want to take in some of the fantastic women’s soccer happening in the city.

Image by Kim Brooks, sourced from Flickr’s Creative Commons.