Travel Manitoba has released its 2018 Partnership Survey Summary.

Resources like Travel Manitoba are a great way for people visiting the province to find interesting things to do, visit tourist attractions and make the most out of their visit. Tourism Manitoba is also a great resource for businesses that operate in the tourism industry to attract more potential visitors.

Travel Manitoba reached out to 1,476 industry contacts and conducted a partner feedback survey for planning purposes. The survey was completed by 20% of the contacts or 300 industry members.

Key Findings: 

  • 76% of the respondents are currently partnering with Travel Manitoba.
  • Of the 73 non-partners, 53% indicated that they would like to be contacted in order to learn more about Travel Manitoba’s partnership opportunities.
  • 62% of the respondents find the 2018 partnership opportunities valuable or very valuable to their organization or business.

Every year, Travel Manitoba sends out an invitation to their entire contact database to attend the roll-out of their “Partnership Plan and Opportunities”. For those that cannot attend the event in person, they also send out the plan in a PDF format via email and they host a live webinar to connect with the people that are unable to attend the event in person. Travel Manitoba does a great job of ensuring that their database of industry contacts are able to get the information that they need to be able to partner up with them for the year to come.

Testimonials from Current Partners: 

“The biggest value for us was probably the opportunity to buy advertising in some publications that we could not otherwise afford on our own.”

“I believe that Travel Manitoba has become an exciting, imaginative and successful ambassador for our province. I really like the direction it has gone in the past 5 years. I feel they are essential to growing and nurturing tourism in our province.”

“Travel Manitoba acts as an aggregator for advertising and promotion, saving us money. Its own proactive efforts on our behalf have also increased awareness of our attractions.”

The results of the survey are impressive. Travel Manitoba is a good resource and has a great offering for its partners. If you are planning to visit Manitoba any time in the near future, Travel Manitoba is an incredible resource to help plan a great trip. If you are operating a business or accommodation in Manitoba, it’s also a great resource to help you gain the exposure and reach more potential customers.

Happy Travels!