Canada’s best kept secret is out!

Young professionals, families and newcomers need to look no further than Winnipeg. Recent data-driven rankings by The Globe and Mail for 2023 have placed Winnipeg as the third most livable city in Canada, and the top city in Canada to raise a family.

“These rankings from The Globe and Mail reaffirm what we’ve always known,” said Ryan Kuffner, President and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg. “Winnipeg is a great place to live, work and build a business – and that is exactly the Winnipeg story we are sharing every day at Economic Development Winnipeg.”

To compile the ranks, The Globe and Mail collected data from more than 400 Canadian cities, taking into consideration crucial attributes people consider when moving to a new city, including economy, housing, health care and education.

The success story doesn’t end here. Subsets of the rankings further highlight Winnipeg’s allure:

  • Second place in Canada for young professionals
  • Third for newcomers
  • Seventh for mid-life transitions
  • Eighth for entrepreneurs

“It’s long overdue for us to see this level of recognition nationally,” said Kuffner.

Through YES! Winnipeg’s targeted efforts in attracting high-quality talent and investments, to Tourism Winnipeg’s focus on bringing economy-boosting events, conferences and visitors, Economic Development Winnipeg remains committed to not just maintaining but elevating Winnipeg’s status among Canada’s most livable cities.

See the full list of The Globe and Mail’s rankings here on its website.

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